Excellent craftsmanship, functional elegance, and an occasional dash of smart, light-hearted humor

From the stories they contain to the paper they’re printed on, an irresistible connection with books is at the heart of Studio Ippiki. The books we make are places to contain your drawings, histories, and notes, your fleeting thoughts and your earth-shattering ideas. Every book is handmade in our studio, using high quality materials and created with great care to produce a minimum amount of waste.

Whether you need a customized album or guest book, a handsome box designed to showcase and protect your special objects, or just a simple, sturdy sketchbook to keep in your bag, we can design and hand craft it for you.

Our Approach

At a time when it feels like everything is either made in some anonymous, mass-production factory or being transferred into the digital realm, we revel in the beauty and tactile satisfaction of paper and beautifully designed objects.

Our Products

Our products are hand-made with high-quality materials and crafted to last lifetimes. Many of our pieces are created with unique papers made in our studio.

Our Founder

Artist, craftsman and designer Yuka Petz has been making books, boxes, and paper for nearly twenty years. Growing up in an American & Japanese home, she developed an appreciation of paper goods, understated elegance, and a sensitivity to Eastern and Western aesthetics. She combines these with her love of pattern and texture into everything we produce at Studio Ippiki.


Selected Client List

-The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, New Orleans, LA

-The Erhardt Group, New Orleans, LA

-Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer, New Orleans, LA

-Women’s National Book Association of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

-Jan Gilbert Art, LLC, New Orleans, LA

-The Fabric Museum and Workshop, Philadelphia, PA

-Rough Draft Books, Philadelphia, PA