Q: I would like you to make a box to house my special thing. Do you need the object to make the box?

A: Your object will fit best in your custom crafted box if we have the actual object on hand to measure and check fitting. We strongly prefer to have the object on hand but understand that sometimes this is not feasible, in which case we can help you take measurements to ensure the best fit.  

Q: I’m a writer and I have a book I want to publish. Can you help me with that?

A: Possibly. Studio Ippiki specializes in binding unique and limited edition books. We are not traditional publishers, but we will occasionally take on book design projects to help artists and writers self publish on websites such as Lulu and Blurb. Contact us and tell us about the book you want to make.

Q: I am a photographer and need a way to present my photographs. What do you suggest?

A: If your photographs are meant to viewed in a sequence, they may be best presented in a handbound album. If they are part of a series that you want to be able to see multiple photos at the same time, a custom portfolio or presentation box may be the best housing. Tell us about your work an we’ll help you design the most complementary solution.

Q: I want to make this crazy book with different size pages, using a bunch of different papers, and it opens multiple directions and does all sorts of stuff that goes beyond what just a regular book does. Can you help me make it?

A:  Maybe. Your book sounds like it could be a fun and challenging project. Drop us a line and let’s talk.

Q: Where does the name Studio Ippiki come from?

A: Ippiki is the Japanese word to count one small animal or creature. As the sole force behind Studio Ippiki, it’s pretty much just Yuka making books and boxes, pulling sheets of paper, fulfilling custom orders, maintaining the website, and running this small business.