A Deeply Satisfying Sense of Craftsmanship

Yuka is a designer, craftsman, and visual artist. She made her first book in third grade. It may have been just a simple abbreviation of In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, made with cardboard and wrapping paper covers, but she was hooked. That day she marveled at the book she had made, turning it over and around in her hands, opening and closing the covers. She felt a deeply satisfying sense of ownership and accomplishment that she still feels today every time she finishes binding a book or assembling a box.

Since that first book, Yuka has spent the last twenty or so years refining, exploring and developing outward from her craft. Her first job in high school was working for an Italian couple who ran a small bookbindery in Virginia. She studied Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design to refine her skills in designing the contents of books. Later, she went to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and earned her MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking. She has studied bookbinding and papermaking in workshops and studios across the U.S., Argentina and Japan.

Here’s a list of other things that make her buzz: words & letterforms, exploring new places, reference materials, patterns, not quite symmetric designs, insects, and highly repetitive and obsessive tasks. 

In New Orleans, Yuka was an artist member of Press Street’s Antenna Gallery and a co-founder/co-director of SIFT, an interdisciplinary arts organization that radiates outwards from book arts in content and programming. You can see her art portfolio at yukapetz.com.

Yuka recently left behind her beloved New Orleans, trading the flat land and those heady summer thunderstorms for the steep hills and milder climate of Seattle.